The artwork comes from an interest in the existence of two simultaneous realities that are present for each of us uniquely; what we choose to show of ourselves, that which is safe, and what we obscure, that which is dangerous. Your personal truth is the deciding factor as to what is safe or dangerous. This is a subconscious event. As you strive to become a tender and open person, the separation between the realities dissolves. What was hidden becomes acceptable and you become more self-aware.


There is the two realities system in communities and cultures as well. What is usually safe is the tangible physical world like knowing the sun will rise, gravity holds you to the planet, and you sleep when you are tired. What is obscured is that which might be open for interpretation like thoughts, meaning, intention, and love. Art allows the obscured to take on an existence of its own as the artist’s mark is evidence that the intention is rooted deep in personal experience. Awareness of intention generates the production of the artwork, which then bridges the gap between the realities.​The artwork is focused on giving tangible physical definition to what might be obscured personally and culturally. 

  • PRINTS: Iconography, juxtaposition and color are played out in the prints. Their two dimensional nature allows for more carefree thought and feeling.

  • FIBER: The fiber art is more about skin and biological tissue as an envelope, not only for organs and fat but stress and anxiety; substances that are more fleeting and temporal, that might want to hide from discernment. 

  • CERAMICS: The decorative surface of the ceramic vessels reflect what is happening emotionally on the inside too, but that which might be more permanent like love and growth, scientific theories and how it all comes together.

Ideas that are worked out in the prints will possibly translate into fiber or ceramics or both, whichever medium supports the idea better.