The gift paper also has a very unique, uneven and slightly exaggerated quality. The woodblock printmaking process has a more artisan quality over other forms of printmaking primarily from the chisel marks, the indent of the wood grain and knots, and uneven hand pressure during ink transfer that show through the print surface. At the moment, there are three designs. Twilight is a plain gift paper with wood grain and small stars that is meant for smaller gift box sizes. Starburst is for medium sized gift boxes and Ribbon is for larger boxed gifts. The gift paper is designed to tile on all four sides without disruption to the design flow so several sheets can be taped together to make larger spreads for very large gift boxes. The gift paper is 18" x 24" news print paper with non-toxic water based inks. Gift paper can be ordered for specific color schemes to suit different holidays and to color match special events. Please use the contact page for requests and inquiries.